Jane of all trades

Apologies for absence last night, another £1 in the pot to UNICEF. I was busy wrapping presents, my husband asked if It was Christmas. I was pleased I managed to wrap 22 presents, which will equate to £42 for the school. Our PTA decided we would make use of the leftover gifts from Christmas and re-gift them for Mothers Day. This meant being creative. For instance, a pair of ornamental cats with a box of chopsticks…earrings with a bar of soap….you get my drift. I’m hoping the Mums on the receiving end of these gifts will thank us not curse us. I did threaten to put the present my daughter got me in secret Santa back into the pot – a 3 foot ornamental lighthouse. But I wouldn’t get away with it, so it is still gracing my kitchen windowsill.

This morning I was desperately cobbling a 1915 costume together, with my daughter huffing and puffing that ‘it didn’t look right’. Finally satisfied we screeched outside the school gates at 9.05, thankfully no teacher raised their eyebrows as their life would not have been worth living. The school run is stressy as it is without trying to produce an outfit that the BBC period drama wardrobe department would have at least used in an extra. 

Then this evening I find myself printing and cutting out DIY trump cards featuring members of the British sailing team for my daughter’s homework. More huffing and puffing ensues over the accuracy of my cutting and glueing. 

I have definitely become a ‘Jane of all trades’ through motherhood. I might finally get the hang of it by retirement, by which time I will have forgotten it all and unable to pass on wisdom for the benefit of my grandchildren. I will just stand back, as my parents do now and observe the blur that is parenthood.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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