Ignorance is catchy – a school trip that divides opinion

Tomorrow, I am assisting with crowd control of 60 plus country primary school kids on a visit to a school in East London. The schools have established an informal partnership to benefit from an exchanging and sharing of norms and values amongst the children. A kind of educational town mouse country mouse. I completely get it.

But some parents from our rural school don’t…

One girl has been withdrawn from the school because her mother believes London is ‘dangerous’.

Another mother has asked that her daughter does not take part in the element of the trip where the children visit a Sikh Temple, because she believes that ‘white children going to a ‘mosque’ will be the targets for terrorists’. This is what she said to me assuming that I would share her views. I chewed off half my face and managed to say in response ‘I think you are over-reacting’.

Judging by the School Managers’ response to this mother, her email of complaint was not the only one received.

Even though these views are in the minority, they still exist, which is shocking. Is it the result of UKIP? The Daily Mail? Too much time spent in a predominantly white society? A lack of education? The ignorance that discriminatory views publicised in the mass media breeds? Whatever the reason it is inexcusable and represents an issue in our society that can only begin to be solved by the next generation.

Which is why school visits like these are vitally important.

This blog is for UNICEF. Thanks for reading.

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