Fair Apple, Aunt Irma, the munchies and more trainspotting

I am writing today’s post with my new Apple IPad Air. This is our first foray into Apple as we had previously looked on the brand with scorn at Fairtrade issues and over-hyped marketing hype.
However, my Surface is caput, my husbands Samsung is not that easy to use and we just wanted to see for ourselves. So far so good… Still concerned about the Fairtrade bit, though – will look into it a bit more. It’s not brand new BTW – good old eBay recycling..

Aunt Irma is threatening to visit again so my calorie intake has shot through the roof. The normal guilt of calorie consumption overridden by the innate desire to stuff my face.

My daughter has once again indulged in some railway children antics today, standing on top of the bridge and waving at trains. As I’m working in the stables I hear yet another train horn blast as my daughter is spotted on the bridge. It just goes to show the best form of entertainment in half-term is free and chosen by the children themselves. Plus it helped me get my work done. I never knew working near a railway line would have such benefits.

I wonder if there is a train spotting app….
This blog is for UNICEF .
Thanks for reading.


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