My friends and I are going to do the lottery this week in an attempt to win enough money to go on a girly shopping trip to New York.

Despite various depressing goings on with our marriage, I can dream of uninhibited feminine retail therapy in the big apple to keep me going.

I watched a documentary last night on BBc Four about a horsewoman and horse breeder based in New Zealand (although a born and bred American) called Scott who set-out on a journey across Asia to locate the origins of the Appaloosa horse (the spotty type). Scott wanted to prove that the American Appaloosas were in fact related to the bloodlines of Appaloosa’s in Asia, where the breed in fact originated from.

This journey took her through the plains of outer Mongolia where the winters re harsh and the only respite is in a toasty yurt eating goats head wrapped up in blankets. Despite being 69 years old, she coped well on horseback at high altitude and was overcome with emotion when she caught the first sight of an ‘Appy’ running wild across the plains. Their spots were perfect and their manes looked beautiful blowing in the wind. They took hair from the manes to create DNA samples, which they then had tested in labs based in Texas USA. The news confirmed Scott’s theory that Appallosa’s originated from Asia and that American ‘Appy’s’ are distant relatives.

Aside from her horsey quest, the journey gave an insight into Scott as a person and her line of 5 marriage. She confesses that she should have married a cowboy as none of her men were ‘horsey’ and they didn’t understand her love of horses.

Maybe that’s where I am going wrong….

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

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