Politically driven voter apathy

The problem with local politics is that there is no-one under the age of 68 who is willing to be a councillor. I quote this from a district councillor. As a result some crazy decisions and utterances are heard, which often exclude the potential wishes of the younger generation and may lead to planning decisions that allow a higher than average number of John Lewis Stores to pop up in a small area. He believes the solution is for councillors to be paid to do their job then younger people may be interested. I am interested in local politics but I am paid a very small amount to fill a time of my life that will require more substantial compensation for my time once my son is old enough to go to School.

However, if you look around you (and you are under the age of 68) think what could have been achieved if people in power were more representative of the age group of the current and next generations? When you start to think about it, it is actually quite frightening.

The party politics system is flawed too. Those who have worked in local Government will ask you, come polling day, to vote for the person you believe has the right approach to tackling problems and creating new initiatives in your local area rather than the person who represents your favourite party – because chances are your favourite party may be represented locally by a complete muppet.

So when the politicians start moaning about voter apathy – is it any wonder?

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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