Toddler for multimedia

Before I start this post, I need to record one of my baby boy’s current sayings so I can look back on that memory and smile. Every time he wants to watch TV, a DVD, a programme on our digi recorder he asks to watch the DDD, its almost like his own acronym to cover all the many sources for his favourite programmes.

Like all parents who enjoy their children’s quirky vocabulary, I cant bear to correct him. However, you do have a duty at some point, to correct them before theyvreach adulthood. I am a perfect example of this.  I am approaching 35 and I still pronounce clothes as ‘cloves’. I hadntcreally noticed I did this until my Mum said, “oh how cute you still say it like that”. At 35 I dont think it should be termed as cute anymore.

My husband also has a couple of prnounciatiin issues leftiver from chikdhood. He pronounces birthday as ‘birsday’. He also calls washing up liquid ‘fairy up liquid’. I live this about him and rather than correct it, I have adopted that term myself to the point where we have passed this on to the children.

This blig is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.


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