Old romantic

Tonight played host to my soon-to-be Stepmum’s hen night, where a number of friends who she has accumulated over the years came together to celebrate her soon-to-be marriage to my Dad. There were a lot of jokes about this being her third marriage. She was widowed from the second and her first husband was violent.

After 14 years with my Dad, I think they are now ready to tie the knot and I am delighted that my Dad has been able to find love again and that my Stepmum has another chance after the sad death of her second husband. While my Dad was living as a bachelor, I never felt comfirtable leaving him and was always a little worried about him. With my stepmum he has been brought out of his bachelor shell and enjoyed holidays together and, like my Mum with my stepdad, having a ball in early retirement.

They are going away for a month long cruise of Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia – how amazing does that sound.

How amazing also that love can be found later in life, regardless of what has happened before. Love is resilient. That is why they are getting married on valentine’s day – they are a couple of old romantics.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

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