Coughs & sneezes spread diseases

The village has the flu, my neighbours either side have it, the lady I work with has it – most people I know have had it. So when tonight I started to feel a twinge in my throat and a sniffin my nose I reached for the Lemsip.

I have a friend in the village who teaches Tai Chi and believes in nature as medicine. She has just recovered from a chest infection by ‘tuning into nature’. I love all that hippy stuff and drink it in. Its like a scene out of Avatar, just grabbing your tail and plugging in and everything is good. But, like Father Christmas, you have to really believe in it for it to work.

But my friend was glowing with health when she was talking about how she conquered illnesses through meditation and ‘tuning in’ – brilliant!

This admiration for all things natural does not stop me from reaching for man-made drugs at the first sign of weakness. I’m a Mum so ‘I dont have time to bleed’. I am more like a bug shield, absorb the virus, act as a host but dont pass it on. I have successfully done this with tummy bugs but they only last 24 hours.

A friend in her eighties though has been ill with the flu since Boxing Day despite having had the flu vaccination and she hasnt been out of bed since.

Health is like fitness, you take it for granted until you lose it, then life is suddenly a lot harder.

This blog is for Unicef.


Thanks for reading.


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