Mummy will fix it….once she has called a guy

Sometimes you feel completely utterly useless and can only observe as a bystander. I’m talking about moments when the will is there but the know-how and, more importantly, brawn is not.

I’m talking about changing a tyre on a pick-up.

As much as I would have loved to have hitched up my Daisy Dukes pushed my hat back and shown the boys how to do it, myself and my friend just stood perplexed at a flat as a pancake tyre and a spare stored underneath that looked like it wasnt going to budge unless you stumbled upon the secret lever like an Indiana Jones movie.

After 15 seconds of trying to work out the crystal maze challenge we reluctantly headed to a tyre shop to get help in the shape of a man with a big jack. We squeezed man and jack in my friend’s little mini along with myself and two other children and took him to my stricken pick-up. It was hard work for him to jack it up and we felt bad that all we could do was watch – that was the moment when we felt pathetic. However, as we watched him locate the jack behind the back seat and then assemble some black rods together and insert them into the tailgate to lower the spare down (so very similar to the Indiana Jones lever), we both agreed that we would never have worked that out ourselves or been able to have the muscle to shift/ turn/ pump it.

When we got back in the car my baby boy said “Daddy will fix it”. The feminist in me was not happy that he has witnessed two females in distress seeking the help of a man with equipment. But, as I said to my husband later, if you arent shown how to do it in the first place, how are you supposed to know?

I have never mowed in my life and I have never changed a tyre – something needs to change so that I give my son and daughter a more accurate representation of the sexes. Maybe that could be one of my New Year’s resolutions.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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