Trains, geeks and Aunt Irma

I have just tucked into Philadelphia with strawberry jam on top on a bed of sesame see coated Ryvita – no, I am not pregnant but Aunt Irma is visiting. Perfect welcome to 2015. Guys have to contend with their first shave of the year, women have to contend with a temporary personality change that borders on aggression, a sudden break-out of acne regardless of age and an insatiable appetite at the very time of the year when you are trying to be good. We also have to shave, not just our face (if you are over 30, in fact it can occur in your 20’s or even earlier) but all our crevices and most of our body.

I am typing this while listening to my playlist on spotify – Offspring followed by Skunk Anansie – perfect for the Aunt Irma visit.

I am surrounded by paper trimmings as my husband has taken up trainspotting – the model kind. Today he spent an obscene amount of money on a paper model station, model shops, lots of spare track and a recovery train. While he was browsing my three year old boy was playing ‘dodge-the-geek’ round the shop as he attempted to get his grubby mits on various expensive and highly breakable things – I dont think there was anything in that shop that was suitable for under threes, yet it was all displayed on the level of a three year old. All the models said ‘do not touch’, which, for a toddler means ‘go ahead and touch and see if it will break while you are at it’.

Thankfully we made it out of the shop unharmed apart from our bank account. Once we were back, my hubby was taking a dremel to a small piece of paper model and getting very particular with a glue gun – he almost had his tongue out.

If he is not playing with model trains, he is reading about boats. When he is not researching bigger boats he is looking at 4x4s on eBay. He is Mister Toad. I just wish I could get him into genuine horsepower – then he would be the perfect husband.

This blog is Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

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