2015 – A pay rise for everyone?

The day after New Years Day – beautiful blue skys – yes we even had a picnic outside in the sun – couldnt ask for more…..well except maybe a bit longer on my parking ticket and not to have to leave for work (in this case my £8 a hour job mucking out horses). The joke of it is, I earn more per hour mucking out horses than doing work for the Parish Council or my previous job in a part-time marketing role. My friend, who is a teaching assistant to children with learning difficulties such as autism, is only on the minimum wage. How does that work? Someone who has the potential to change the life of a young person and inspire a generation earns less than someone whose primary duty is muck removal? Shit isnt it?

In fact if the Government could have one New Year’s resolution to make abide by this year it would be to do whatever needs to be done to make wages go up – across the board (except the w***** bankers of course) so that people can once again afford to feed their families, pay their rent/ mortgage and maybe something left over to buy something to look forward to – everyone needs that regardless of circumstance. Then maybe by, next year, we wont see collection bins for food banks in local supermarkets because everyone will, at the very least, be able to buy food.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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