A breath of fresh and new air

I have had quite a lot of time off this blog over the Christmas period, mainly because of a case of writer’s block. The entire festive period I have been devoid of anything worth saying that is either interesting, intriguing, entertaining or even worth spending a minute of your time reading. Therefore I have accumulated a good amount of money for Unicef in the shape of my offline fee (£6 which will take my blog closer to the £200 target I set a couple of years ago (currently sitting at £178 raised).

It was a good Christmas and I breather a sigh of relief once I knew I had successfully pulled off the Father Christmas magic for one more year. It is the role of all parents to retain the belief for as long as possible and to ensure the belief’s robustness against peers doubts and very inquisitive minds. Christianity has pulled it off for rather a few years so it is a challenge I have set myself. Although as one friend pointed out, the Christmas Eve nights get very long when you have to wait for teenagers to get to bed before the stockings can be filled – I will be very impressed with my fraudulent skills if I get FC into the teens.

So it is New Year tomorrow. We are having a party, which means I need to descend upon Tescos to take advantage of their 3 for 2 on party food. I have saved up enough wine, snacks and unwanted presents for a few games.

I am 35 next year so am trying not to think too hard about the ageing process and reflect back on what I have/ have not achieved. I am still breathing and, most of the time, still smiling, you cant ask for more than that.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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