Everyone can lose a home

Tomorrow I will be volunteering for the second time for a local homeless charity called Stonepillow. Im not doing anything much, just wrapping Christmas presents donated by the public. I consider it to be quite a privilege to have the opportunity to help out. It was heartening to hear from Stonepillow’s admin team that they were inundated with calls from people wanting to help serve meals and help get people off the street on Christmas Day. I wanted to help with Crisis in London, but because volunteering is so popular, they ask people to commit to at least 2 shifts and when you have to find childcare and the money to pay for a ticket o London it becomes more difficult, so I decided to leave that opportunity to the Londoners and stick to volunteering closer to home. It is brilliant to hear that charities are overwhelmed with support. While it may be harder than before to fundraise, it must be reassuring for charities o know that people genuinely want to help, if not financially, then by giving their time, care and skills.

When I see adverts for appeals about homelessness, I think about how this situation could happen to any of my friends and family. Money and circumstance is all that stands between a home and homelessness. My Dad slept rough when he went awol from the Navy because he had been put there by his social worker as there was no longer any room for him at home after he left boarding school. I worry about my children’s future, it doesnt take that many false moves to end up on the streets and as parents we bear that responsibility of weaving a safety net just in case.

This blog is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.

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