I have just written out 23 Christmas cards for baby boy’s ‘tiny friends’ at pre-school, while my husband spent some of his evening ironing my daughter’s dress for her School play dress rehearsal tomorrow.

Our children help us to develop new skills and hone existing ones through the need to provide ‘support’. For me (and my husband for that matter) there is a limit to our supportive abilities – the will is there, the knowledge…..well… can be a little patchy.

Take fractions for example. I havent a clue, its all double dutch. So when my daughter brought it home for homework this week, I ran out of steam, I just couldnt do it. I found I was trying to ‘wing it’ with my daughter, hoping if I pointed her in the general direction od of what I thought might be the right way to work it out, she would figure the rest out herself. I googled it and no matter what page I stumbled upon it was as clear as mud. So I wrote a note to her teacher to say she needed more help but what I felt like saying was ‘Dear Teacher, sorry I didnt do the homework this week but Mum tried to help me but ended up feeding it to the dog in frustration’.

In fact the following day I was impressed to find out from my daughter that her teacher had spent break time helping her learn fractions.

I wonder if she would consider after school clubs for parents too?

This blog is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.


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