A good game for New Year?

Have discovered this brilliant, addictive website  which lists all the tv theme tunes both in the UK and the US over the decades.

What is it about theme tunes that brings back memories? Also a great quiz for a New Year party – get a load of friends around a table, wrap unwanted presents and pile them in the middle of the table – play the songs, if they guess the tv show they geab a present, if they get it wrong they have to pass it down to a friend. Aim is to fet the present you want and pass off the unwanted gifts to others.

There are so many childhood and olderhood favourites on this massive online list such as this one (see if you can guess after playing it).

But this represents the eighties and Sunday night before a dreaded week of school, best…….

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading (and listening).

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