Lateral jobhunting

I am having fun cobbling together some kind of a means of earning a living around childcare. Im the lucky one in that I am one half of a joint income partnership, albeit a modest one. But when you have to shoe-horn work around nursery and school pick-up and drop off times you have to think laterally.

Thinking laterally for me means scanning Gumtree jobs for anything part-time that makes me think ‘yeah I could do that’.

I like Gumtree jobs because some of the positions are quite off the wall. Its also the kind of place where you will find people who just want a little bit of help with childcare/ house-hold chores/ dog grooming/ horse care etc – all of which I have plenty of experience of but have never been paid.

I already have two little jobs. One working from home and one teaching children to cycle on roads but both pay a fraction above the minimum wage. In fact I would earn more working in a petrol station. Oil still rules the world but I dont fancy being its mistress.

While I find income I still have to pay the HMRC for the childcare costs they shouldnt  have paid me last year because I was over the threshold of eligibility. Well in that case they neeto re-assess the limit because I had to leave a perfectly good job because it was no longer earning anything after childcare. A bullshit system ? Must be the Tories….

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

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