Scrutiny causes Mutiny

Oh the ups and downs of life.

After temporarily ignoring our financial situation last night, my attendance at a girls 2 hour hairdressing and make-up party on a Sunday (shock horror) was enough to tip an already fractious hubby over the edge. Convinced I am frittering what small amount of money we have left on the odd occasion when I go out, hubby was like a dictator when I got back effectively trying to ban me from going anywhere with friends ‘because of the cost’.

He is on edge as he is in the middle of contract negotiations with his new job and the pay on offer is OK if you are single with no kids.

As much as I enjoy being at home while both the children are young, the financial pressure combined with a hubby who is anxious and short-tempered because of our single income status means that returning to full-time work would be somewhat of a relief to me.

If we carry on in this way,even though childcare costs will put a big dent in my earnings, at least when I am out working I am not under such close (and suffocating) scrutiny.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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