Happy Halloween

My nearly 3 year old boy was almost falling asleep on the toilet just before bed today. Why? Because he had spent the past 2 hours walking all over the village where we live dressed up as a big black furry spider going from door-to-door trick or treating. He also struggled to keep up with his 8 year old sister and her friends as well as his little girlfriend who is about the same age.

It turned out to be the best Halloween ever, with virtually every door we knocked on doing something for Halloween, complete with gruesome decorations and in some cases, live acts. One house on our street is known as the ‘scary house’ because of the lengths that they go to spook visitors from slow creaking doors and smokey hallways to hands grabbing at you under tables – brilliant.

Not so good if you have a rather sensitive boy who has nightmares and was crying every time his sister or friends blew a whistle near him. So to placate him, I kept feeding him chocolate and sweets from his bag. So much in fact that he only had sweets for dinner (I figured it was only once a year so what harm could it do?).

We started trick or treating in the pub, with my son pounding at the bar door to let us in. We were greeted by a landlady dressed as a blue witch with a flashing skull over the door, cobwebs in the windows and tombstones and a blood red water feature in the front garden. Some Canadian friends ofours then made their way over, we ordered drinks and then before we knew it, we were put tricK or treating with glasses of wine in our hands. At one point a family that greeted our call at the door topped up our glasses and we took their kids out trick or treating in return. If I had had two glasses more it would have been very inappropriate for me as an adult to be ‘trick or drinking’.

We then rounded off the evening with a showing of Ghostbusters. The children had  even been to a Halloween inspired disco earlier – made me want to be 8 all over again!

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

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