Giving the boot to Father Christmas

My daughter is nearly 9 and she asked me if Father Christmas is real.

I came up with the most realistic response I could think of, ‘Thank God he is real because Mummy and Daddy wouldnt be able to buy you two lots of presents. Father Christmas saves money for Mums and Dads worldwide’. Seemingly satisfied she asked no further questions and I breathed a sigh of relief inside.

Every parent wants to prolong belief in Father Christmas for as long as possible because Christmas just isnt the same afterwards.

The pressure builds every year and you find yourself getting angry with high street retailers for giving the game away. For example, I picked up the Boots gift guide the other day and found a section titled Stocking Fillers ‘great gifts to keep your little ones happy at Christmas’. It made me so angry to read this. I was then thinking up excuses to tell my daughter if she happened to stumble upon those pages.

Marketers forget that children can also read and still believe in FC.

I wish FC was a reality for everyone – Christmas just isnt the same once you discover Dad in a red dressing gown (which is how I found out). I forget what age I was……

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

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