The cost of going green

We have been forced to re-think our heating arrangements thanks to an expensive discovery by our chimney sweep. The £2000 chimney liner that we installed 6 years ago (meant to last 10 -15 years) has disintegrated. So we cant light a fire just in case it starts a chimney fire on the defunct liner detritus. Just what you need at this time of year – to dangerous to get warm.

We have oil fired heating but prefer to use the woodburner because, unlike the Arab oil barons, we dont have £££££.

To get to the chimney, we have to wreck the fireplace and yank out the burner. So its going to cost even before we get near the liner. We figured if we are going to wreck the fireplace we should make it work better while we have access to the chimney. “lets put a backburner in!’ But then we became more ambitious and looked at the option of replacing the oil boiler with a biomass one.

The cost?


Maybe not…

So we have some chaps coming to visit us from ‘The Greener alternative’ to talk to us about all things heating, from garden based wood boilers to solar chargers and everything in-between.

Just hope the cost wont put us in the red before we even get lukewarm.

I will let you know the verdict next week.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.

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