A new man in my life

A friend of mine who has two marriages behind her, with a child from each husband was once told by her father, ‘if you ever feel the urge again (i.e  another relationship with a man), buy a horse.

Now, I dont have the money to buy a horse but I am fortunate enough to have friends willing to let me exercise their horses. Today I had my first ride (for a couple of years at least) on a new horse, an extremely big (17.2hh plus) chestnut gelding. After having fun out in the Autumn sunshine this morning, I am excited to say I have a new man in my life. Named ‘Finn’, this new ‘man’ differs from my husband in the following ways:

– He is taller, stronger and something else (well thats just wrong, but you know what I mean)
– He listens to me and responds instantly
– He is easy to please providing I have a packet of polos
– He doesnt nag, moan about the cost of carrots or want to get a new mode of transport every 5 minutes
– It is a simple and very satisfying relationship – he gets fed and in return I get fun.

There are a thousand other reasons why horses are often a better  option than a relationship which can be found i  the book ‘keep calm for ladies’. In fact that is the biggest benefit riding – i am calm on a horse………except when I get a phone call from hubby, then I get a reminder of all the things I should be doing rather than riding.

This blog is for Unicef..

Thanks for reading.


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