Take or make a cake or fake?

It was hubby’s birthday today. In anticipation of the event my daughter and I took inspiration from The British Bake Off and tackled a cake.

It is always a time of tension for me when it comes to birthdays because the expectation to create a homemade cake is always present. I grew up with a single working mother. She didnt have time to bale cakes, they were bought. She didnt even have time to mash potato, no smash it was. In fact my favourite dinner (to this day) is fish-fingers, mash potato and tomato ketchup and beans – yum! It doesnt take much to keep a child happy. Meanwhile my Mum was always on a diet with her eating habits. As a result there was never any chocolate or crisps in the cupboards. To be honest there wasnt an awful lot in the cupboards except tinned food, tea bags and wine bottles.

So, growing up I didnt have much interest in baking and cooking, just eating. Therefore I am in alien territory with my daughter who loves to bake. She still loves to bake even when it goes all wrong. So, we attempted a four layer victoria sandwich. As usual, it went slightly wonky and wouldnt be found dead on the cover of a Waitrose magazine, but I figured recently that they thing about home cooking is that its made with love. Its also a brilliant tool for practicing maths (with a four tier cake we needed to do lots of buttercream, so my daughter had to work out how much of the ingredients we needed to use.

I had to temporarily pause my no sugar diet to tackle a slice of the victoria beast…..but it was worth it.

This blog is for Unicef. Thanks for reading.


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