For the love of….

I love Oxfam’s ‘For the love of’ campaign to raise awareness of the need to take action now against climate change.

The flooding in India and Pakistan is the most recent example of the freak weather climate change can produce and the people that are most affected. Not only have the countries experienced significant loss of life, they have no land to farm, which is crucial to their livelihood and survival.

Unicef and Oxfam both state the biggest change we can make to those living in poverty is to preserve the environment. Bad or extreme weather directly hits families struggling to live off the land so if political leaders can wake up to this reality that we need to make significant changes now – then just imagine the effect world-wide on child mortality, health, food and getting people out of poverty?

So in this campaign, Oxfam is hoping to convince world-leaders when they meet later this month to make serious commitments to climate change through changes in policy.

To lend your support, Visit Oxfam and vote for what you love and why it is so important.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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