The Self Preservation Society

The RNLI save 22 people a day on Britain’s coastlines. Today they saved three children who were caught out by the sea current in Wales.

This is a very impressive contribution to the preservation of human life. When you think about it many other organisations and public services play in an invaluable role. Aside from health professionals, the police, for example, do their bit.

Drive along a bendy road near a town in Hampshire and you will see police signs of bikes leaning in on corners saying ‘to die for?’ if the sign makes one biker question his speed on entry to a corner then its doing its job.

The same could be said for the recent youtube footage of a biker meeting his death in Norfolk – Having looked at this footage, he didnt appear to me to roll off the throttle when it was clear there was a car intending to cross over his side of the road. There has been a lot of criticism of the speed he was travelling at near a junction, but I wonder at what speed would the collision have reduced from fatal to serious? In this case I feel driver education is more valuable than rider in this particular example.

Thats why the slogan ‘Think bike, Think biker’ is such a powerful one.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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