Too busy revising to learn

When my daughter returns back to school tomorrow she will have more tests. These follow the tests that preceded the summer holidays to measure her performance with ‘national expectation’. I hear now more benchmarks will be put in place to identify additional development milestones such as ‘must be able to count to 100 by the time they are 6. This is juxtaposed with headlines on the UK’s academic performance internationally and how low down we are in the Pisa rankings.

When my daughter finishes her SATs, she will then be tested within 2 weeks of secondary school to ‘stream her’. We want our children to be happy but we also want straight A’s – not everyone thrives on knowledge and tests so why is it so important?

If they are enjoying the journey of learning then knowledge will happen and in the most effective manner, it will be deep-seated not superficial. But Government seems hell-bent on strict parameters of enforced learning goals. With all these tests, when can they learn?

This is the blog for Unicef. Thanks for reading.


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