Washer Woman

I was up to 1.30am last night. It was Friday night, so some people were out with friends, some people may have been enjoying some home cinema, some people a prolonged romantic rendezvous, while others were quite sensibly looking at the back of their eyelids.

I was watching online washing machine demonstrations.

I was really living it up. I once said to my Mum, if you catch me at a garden centre or possessing a rolling pin before the age of 40 then shoot me. I am 34, garden centre visits are a ‘treat’, I occasionally use a rolling pin (but mainly to help de-frost the freezer) and I am currently watching women show me round a washing machine on youtube like they are telling me the weather.

But I am desperate (you have probably already established that).

I have a bulging laundry basket, 2 loads that my machine has supposedly ‘washed’ that look dirtier than when they went in and baby boy wet the bed this morning…i have no idea where the nearest launderette is. On holiday I was in the launderette 3 times (not out of choice… baby boy wet his sleeping bag, all three of them immersed their clothes in the sea and I forgot to pack pants).

I just want a machine that works so i dont have to go back to hand-washing and mangling.

In the meantime we are off to enjoy Lee Evans tonight (so will skip a blog post and give £1 to Unicef and will try and remember some of his best lines for a bit of a laugh tomorrow.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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