Punctures and Pride, motherly pride

On the way home last night I hit a dip in the road, I momentarily winced, then carried on. Later on in my journey the tyre pressure light came on by which point i had forgotten about the dip in the road incident so just assumed the warning light glowplugs were playing up again (a common fault with Skodas I am told). But when my husband went to drive it later and saw the car was sitting at a funny angle and noticed a tyre as flat as a pancake, i remembered the dip in the road…..(but kept quiet about it as husband was already moaning about the cost of tyres).

Like most cars now, the Skoda doesnt carry a spare, so i got on the phone to my Dad who thankfully lives locally, to ask if i could borrow his old Honda. He was very happy to oblige. So this morning, I contend with an automatic gearbox and make the most of the sunroof on a hot day and set off for my last day at work (read post about HMRC) via Clive the tyre man. Once the new tyre was loaded in the boot of Dad’s car (along with 2 huge sacks of bird feed and a large bag of pigs ears) i continued my journey. I switched on the radio and heard nothing but whote noise, so played the cd dad had buried in there, ‘the bet of musicals’. About the quarter of the way through my journey I was desperate for noise other than the musicals cd, so then pulled over to wind up the aerial (the car is 14 years old so it is a nit old school), i then realised manual intervention was a bad thing as now I hear the whirring sound of a car desperately trying to get its aerial up but to no avail -i could say something about old men and viagra here…..

After eventually getting to work then surviving my last day, my next mission is to get myself and baby boy extracted from work/creche as soon as possible so that we can make it for my daughters awards ceremony. I was blown away by the lovely things that both the Headmaster and her lass teacher said about her, including talking about her willingness and determination to try anything once. It was tricky as I was filming the start of the Headmasters speech assuming that she would be getting an award but not necessarily the one I was filming (parents are invited if their child is to receive an award). He said so many lovely things to describe her and her learning ability including her ‘thorough’ approach to maths. I felt the pride of a parent who stares in awe at a child that is doing well regardless of her parents….

This blog is for Unicef, thanks for reading.



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