Accepting the unacceptable

“It was like someone had dropped a black cage over me and all I could see was darkness”. That was the recollection of a war veteran at a fundraising event myself and my hubby attended for Blind Veterans UK. He was in a building on duty for his boss when the explosion happened. He lost half of his right arm, some of his finger on his left-hand, most of his hearing and virtually all of his sight. The guy next to him died.

Because of this incident he didn’t get to see his 2 children when they were born and watch them grow up as his wife was four months pregnant when the explosion happened. Everything after that changed his life and he had to learn to live in darkness and rely on people, devices and guide dogs to move around. On occasions when he tried to assert independence, humiliating things would happen, like walking in to a river or ending up in someone’s back garden.

His carer said “life is like that, you either sink or swim”.

Blind Veterans UK sweeps up those who have found their life transformed by blindness and gives the support they need to live in their new reality. One of the biggest challenges  in having a disability is to accept it when life seems completely unacceptable.

For more information on Blind Veterans UK click here.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


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