The best moments are at sea

“What has been the best bit of your life so far?” asked my daughter. She then said, “was it when you had me and baby brother?” Yes it was I said, nothing can beat being a mum, not even some of the best jobs in the world.

I did also tell her how much I enjoyed the teenage years, that brief moment in life when you are free from your parents, not shackled to mortgage payments and have the world at your feet.

She said, “well my favourite moment in life (I reminded her that she had only been on this planet for 8 years) was when we got the boat and when baby brother arrived. “The boat filled up a big hole  in my life”. Now, no-one likes to think their daughter had ever had a ‘big hole’ in her life, but how funny that it should be filled on a whim one late August afternoon when my husband and I stopped off to look at a sail boat for sale on someone’s drive when on our way home from the beach. While we didn’t buy that particular boat, it had inspired us to do something we had been mulling over for a while and our journey delivered us a Swift 18, an evening’s on-board sailing lesson at the end of a season, books, charts, marinas, mooring rates, anti-fouling and tides……bloomin tides. But the journey so far has been amazing and opened up a whole new world and dimension to our lives. I just hadn’t fully appreciated how much of an impact it had on my daughter. Now there is nothing else she would rather do.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.

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