Tale as old as time

Our family is divided tonight, my son and husband are bobbing up and down on the boat in the same marina where we spent our anniversary while me and my daughter enjoyed a trip to the cinema and a rather expensive trip to Yo Sushi! (I wish I could say it was down to my daughter enthusiastically grabbing plates off the conveyor belt like a true first-timer, but unfortunately it was me being a mummy pig). As we live out in the sticks going somewhere like Yo Sushi! is a real treat, so you want to make the most of it as you don’t know when the opportunity will next arise.

The same could be said for one-to-one time with your child. We had a chance to talk without the distractions of baby brother and his potty training. She told me worries at school that I had not been aware of and enjoyed general chats about a variety of things: from friendships to fashion to boating to cars and everything in-between. We had fun picking out some gifts  for a friend’s birthday party (although her generosity had to be curbed somewhat). But what struck me about this tie together was what I potentially miss out when the humdrum of life takes over. Sometimes, in fact very often, I am so keen to ‘get through’ the day that I don’t take enough time to appreciate moments with my daughter. Before too long I will turn round and she will have grown-up.

So tonight was a great reminder to slow down, stop racing through motherhood and enjoy the most important people in life.

This blog is fundraising for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.



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