Sleep is very important and I am not getting enough of it, as much as I try o go to bed at 10, this ends up being gone 11. Not the best amount of sleep when you know baby boy is bound to wake up at least once in the night and you may have to retain the tolerance and forgiveness of a nun when it comes to baby boy’s toilet training habits and a daughter who talks back at you like a grumpy teenager. Come to think of it, I am sure there are times when I have come across as a grumpy teenager too.

After the third set of wet trousers, which included a soaking wet drivers seat in my car (he wet his pants pretending to drive it…..I hasten to add that the car was parked at the time) and wetting himself on the rather plush seat in a restaurant (we had been invited by a family friend to go to the country club on a guest pass…I had to lie to my back teeth when the waitress assumed it was spilt juice), I had a sense of humour failure. By the time I hot home I just wanted baby boy to go to bed and for my daughter to learn some humility (after she was demanding pudding when I wasn’t footing the bill – she added to my discomfort by protesting publicly). After explaining how I felt she could o much better and that I was disappointed with some of her decisions on behaviour choices, she explained she wasn’t getting enough sleep. I was talking to her about ways to help induce sleep while also stating lack of sleep does not excuse bad behaviour.

But I run on empty most of the time, so what kind of role model am I?

On that note it is time to turn in.

I am blogging every day for UNICEF. Check out the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.



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