miss misogyny

After almost passing out in ballet boot camp and then sewing numbers onto my daughter’s ‘cape’ into the small hours so that she could dress up for ‘maths day’ today ay school, I was all out of puff to write a blog post. So £1 in the pot to UNICEF for the missed post.

I confess I also got side-tracked by Kristy Wark’s BBC programme about sexism and how it may have worsened since the 70’s thanks to the internet. What I found most concerning was the attitudes of the young people she interviewed towards issues such as rape. One girl said that she overhears sexist remarks down the school corridors on a daily basis and some of those trivialise rape. Because of the internet, many young people find out about sex through pornography. They said this had skewed their interpretation of what is acceptable in sexual intercourse, believing that men should dominate and that girls can’t say no if they are uncomfortable with it.

Like Kristy I am concerned at this apparent breakdown in the social filter towards sexism. I do not want my son or daughter to think women are to be dominated, that rape is in anyway amusing and that women should be judged on their appearance alone. Professor Mary Beard received awful online and media abuse for daring not to look like a supermodel and have opinions. Every public figure expects to experience derogatory comments sometimes but when men receive insults it doesn’t lower to their sexual organs and how they could be dominated through a violent sexual act.

For example, I don’t particularly like or agree with the views of Boris Johnson and George Osborne. IF I had only matured as far as the playground gates, I could start to poke fun at their appearance, but would it be acceptable and common practice when commenting on their appearance to also judge how big their penises are and whether their bottom holes could accommodate a particularly large member? It would certainly look out place. Therein lies the problem, it is socially acceptable to be misogynistic towards women but not so towards men. If I was a female journalist it would seem weird if I talked about whether or not I would like to have sex with Jeremy Clarkson. It was apparently OK for Jeremy to comment in a national newspaper as to whether he ‘would’ with Professor Mary Beard. Its not OK for him to say a certain word in the catch a tigger tune.

I bought Grand  Theft Auto 5 for my hubby’s birthday last year. In the game he can do what he likes with prostitutes and then kill them.

Somewhere along the line we have gone wrong with attitudes towards sex and equality and something needs to be done so that the next generation stand a chance of an improvement not further abuse of how men regard women in the workplace and in society as a whole.

I am blogging for UNICEF, check out the campaign here. Thanks for reading.




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