A decade of diligence

It is our 10th wedding anniversary this Thursday and I am eagerly awaiting a rare weekend away as my mum and stepdad will be moving on to take care of the children while we move out to take care of each other for a little while (the dogs will also go on holiday to a couple who do not have children). There are various locations to choose from, Venice, Rome, Paris. But for those who are on a smaller budget but lucky enough to have a ‘bolthole’ (caravan, campervan, boat) we will be spending the weekend cocooned in sleeping bags on our incredibly small boat with a keel separating us.

It is apparently going to be very cold this weekend so I am not optimistic as to how much sleep we will get. We are however going to be away for 2 nights and after planting the seed of thought in my husband’s brain along the lines of ‘you must be joking if I am going to freeze my tits off for 2 nights in open water to mark the 10 year milestone…. don’t we deserve at least one night of slightly more luxury i.e a bed) he has promised me ‘a surprise night’ and one night within a jetty distance of a cosy marina with all the facilities. That’s more like it. As with most guys, you have to plant the seed and then watch it grow in their minds until it flourishes to become their unique idea – the same skills to be a wife are probably applicable to teachers and mothers. This is why I often accidentally call my husband by my baby boy’s name and vice versa. Although I was particularly worried at what my subconscious was up to, when I nearly called my boss my baby boy’s name, thankfully only his PA heard it and saw the funny side.

I think I must put boys all in one category in my neuron filing system with the following prompts: ‘handle with caution’, ‘give firm consistent encouragement’, ‘praise frequently’ and ‘choose your battles’ but in all cases stick to your guns until they come round to your way of thinking – it will just be re-badged as theirs.

I am blogging every day to raise money for UNICEF – find out what its all about here.

Thanks for reading.

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