The average person in the UK consumes 23 spoonful’s of sugar and that is before they have consumed any fruit juice, according to Aussie TV presenter, Sarah Wilson, who has launched a book about quitting sugar for life (gulp).

Sarah argues that since the 60s it has become increasingly easier and cheaper for food manufacturers to use sugar, which is why more and more f is are eating way more than our RDA. Most of the time we don’t even know we are consuming it. So what is so bad about sugar Sarah takes human evolution back to when we were a bunch of cables scavenging the land for food. Rarely we would come across a berry and when we did, we would gorge on it, but that would be that for the next few months. The key damaging ingredient in sugar is fructose. Because of our history of lack of berry foraging, our bodies are not designed to take on too much fructose, it is hard for the body to breakdown so it is stored as fat. In addition to affecting obesity figures, Sarah says that there is scientific evidence that some diseases that have seen an increase over the past few decades are linked to too much sugar in our diets.

As I was listening to her interview, I began to think about whether I could try this diet, to les a little  it more weight, but, more importantly experience the health benefits. I live sugar and am probably addicted to it. Sarah has ‘quit sugar for life’ (title of her book) and provides recipes and healthier sugar alternatives to attempt.

I am tempted to give it a go, but this is the sugar mountain I have to face…..

Today’s menu for Tom:

1 coffee with sugar

2 Satsuma

3 slices of honey and seed bread

1 small bag of mini party ring biscuits

1 milkybar

1 beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower and Marmite toastie (no I am not pregnant)

A few roasted broad beans (might as well have just sucked on some sea salt)

2 unashamedly big bowls of rhubarb crumble (with rhubarb roasted Ina ton of sugar topped with buttery sugary crumble)

I might have sneaked some Easter chocolate off the kids too.

So, do you fancy my chances cutting out sugar?

How about I get this book when its out on the 8th May and I will tell you how I get on?

I am blogging every day for UNICEF. Read about my campaign here.

Thanks for reading.

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