Tacky chocolate

“Wow, he’s got the hang of it”, said my husband as he shifted his seat on one side of the sail boat after a tack admiring how our 2 year old boy had managed to avoid the hazards of dogs, legs, ropes and beams and move without assistance from one side of the boat to the other. I glanced down at the Smartest Easter egg I was holding and held it up to show my husband, “I think this may have something o do with it”.

It’s amazing what discoveries you can unearth from doing the most unlikely things. I was being a multi-tasking mother, releasing the Genoa sail for my husband during a tack while keeping baby boy’s blood sugar level up with a bit of chocolate. So while I balanced it precariously on my palm as I swung from one side of the boat to the other, baby boy followed me effortlessly like a horse following a carrot on a stick.

It is ambitious sailing with a 2 year old because they are small and tend to get easily tangled up in anything and everything you are trying to ensure they avoid. Then there is the added complication of the potty. After using up the waste bags for the mobile potty on our 2 dogs after they pooped on the beach, baby boy was left with absolutely nothing to pee into as he perched on the potty. My husband had no other option but to let baby boy ‘christen’ the tender boat as he waited in the shallows of the harbour with all the kit and the dogs for me to return from parking the car.

Someone once said to me that all men at the helm become fascists. This is slightly true of my husband who was rather too fond of barking orders at me when I was trying to ensure baby boy as avoiding the many hazards of being on a boat. One woman I met at a boat show said she used a car seat on her boat and every time she wanted to sail ‘hands free’, she just popped her child in the car seat in the cabin. Our boat is only 18 foot, sonar car sear would take up most of the cabin, which is already dominated by a dog bed – essential when you have a dog who needs a retreat to assist them when they go into complete denial that they are at sea. This is the same dog that hates camping. She would much rather be Ina Louis Vuitton bag somewhere in California.

I am new to this sailing lark but am in it for the long haul as I know that the whole family will get pleasure from it (eventually) and the money we invest in it will replace the cost of summer holidays and alternative mobile UK holiday investments such as caravans and camper vans.

I am blogging every day to raise money for UNICEF. Check out the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.

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