A night with more bite

My absence last night was due to an evening’s entertainment without children – a rare occurrence made possible once my mother flies in from Spain for a few weeks.

At times like this, there are so many thugs hubby and I would like to do, it is a job to select ‘the highlights’. But it invariably ends up as a meal out followed by a meal. We briefly contemplated travelling in style on the bike but this was quickly countered by the reality of sitting in biking leathers in a cinema for 2 hours clutching helmets, jackets, popcorn and coke. So we decided to resort to our beloved Soda estate instead. At least then my little skirt could enjoy some time out.

Once we arrived in town we practiced that skill required for the longevity of marriage – compromise. At the cinema he wanted explosions and actions. I wanted something with a bit more dialogue. When it came to food, I wanted sushi he wanted burger. So I got my film choice and he got his food choice – gourmet burger kitchen followed by ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’.

As it turned out there were no less than three vegetarian choices in the burger range, which kept me satisfied. These were the kind of burgers that fast food outlets take pictures of but don’t actually produce – mouthwateringly tasty and piled high with lots of good stuff in addition to a pattie within a crispy seedy bun – yum!

I would have still preferred sushi though….. turns out hubby would have done too after his carnivorous appetite was satisfied. I can’t say I blame his choice though as he rarely gets beef at home.

After an anxious start to the film, which looked like it might be both boring and depressing (plus an inward groan that Jude Law had managed to find his way on to the set), it got better quickly to the point we were both transfixed by the prospect of what the hell was going to happen next and captivated by each scene – which was as close a film could get to theatre. I have never seen a film where each shot – from the backdrop, to the actors’ positioning on screen to the music and the sound effects are all woven seamlessly together to produce story-telling choreography that has you glued to the screen. If film is a type of chocolate then ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ would be the darkest most intense type of chocolate that one morsel sucked for ages is enough to deliver delicious flavour. Ralph Fiennes Aka M. Gustav, is the cacao.

I also enjoyed the Director, Wes Anderson’s other film, the Fantastic Mr Fox, so he has a knack for on-screen story-telling.

As I missed Last night, another pound goes to UNICEF – this blog is a fundraiser for the charity – read more here.

Thanks for reading.

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