Giving up the day job

OK I’ll admit it, I’m feeling a little bit smug at the moment. I feel like a multi-tasking domestic goddess…….. which is a very rare feeling indeed. I made a pact that while I wasn’t working over the Easter school holidays, I would attempt to make More of an effort in the kitchen, expanding my repertoire of pasta, bolognaise and the odd fish or vegetarian meal, to things that take a little more effort and give a lot more taste. So, armed with Aggie Mackenzie’s ‘Busy Mums Cookbook’, I added a few more ingredients to my shopping list and utilized the children’s late holiday bedtimes to get some cooking done. Often my attempts at recipes never come out in the way the curator of the recipe intended (like Bridget Jones I am capable of producing blue soup), however every single recipe of Aggie’s has been spot on. I have even delved into the baking section, so my husband now has a choice of homemade banana loaf, lemon drizzle or brownie cake (baked for my friend’s birthday) to choose from for his packed lunch.

It was my best friend’s birthday today, so I made her a chocolate brownie cake (minus the nuts because she is allergic). This was my first attempt at brownie making and I was surprised at the outcome, it tasted good and a bit gooey. My friend then asked me to skipper a boat she had hired for the day as a birthday pressie. Although I explained to her that my main job in the boat my husband has is to keep the children pinned down while in motion and occasionally I pull a few ropes but that was the extent of my nautical ability…..’ but I will give it a go’. As the man showed me the ropes harbour side and then handed the boat for me to practice coming alongside the jetty he said that I was ‘pretty good’. So with 2 adults and 4 children loaded on, we set off to the beach and we managed to navigate the estuary, anchor at the beach and return to the jetty unscathed. My friend’s spectacular leap onto the boat as she pushed us away from the bank was brilliantly executed for a 35 year old.

Once back I dropped my friend home and returned to embark on a chicken pie recipe, which my husband has just had for dinner.

It is funny that when you stop your day job and have the opportunity to do other things, you find out new things about yourself. I am discovering that I am rather good at following instructions (following recipes, listening to instructors). When I told my husband this he scoffed and said ‘well why don’t you listen to me then?’ I then clarified what I meant by ‘instruction’ and how it differs from ‘fascism’ (which he can be accused of when at the helm’.

I am blogging every day for UNICEF – read more about the campaign here.

ThaNKS FOR READING (Sorry about the shouty font but my tablet had a momentary hissy fit that is difficult to undo).

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