I enjoy blogging and believe it is an important part of my daily routine, but I can only find time to do it in the evening, sometimes late evening (as in the case of tonight) if I have been out (in tonight’s case – a rare time out with the girls). I have noticed very the past few weeks I have been more tired than normal and a bit more irritable than normal. This is partly due to waking up early to ensure baby boy is on the potty before he wakes up and partly because it takes me so long to wind down to sleep. Even if it is late, I still need to do my anti saddle-bags exercise and read a book. I am a terrible creature of habit.

In a news programme this morning, a psychologist said that people should not be looking at tablets, pcs, smartphones and other ‘blue light’ technology within an hour of going to bed as it is too stimulating for the brain and will lead to difficulty in sleeping and a restless sleep – well that’s my problem. I have so little sleep that I am starting to experience random behaviours (such as forgetfulness, erratic behaviour and bizarre behaviour….. singing ‘bananas in pyjamas’ at the top of my voice in my local shop as I was helping myself to a bunch….I did not realise how weird this was until the shopkeeper asked if I was ok.

So as it is late, I will end this blog with a rather nice rhubarb crumble recipe I tried out a couple of days ago and will endeavour to write hs blog long before bed-time before my family dis-own me for being a sleep deprived grumpy old witch.

Enjoy the  rhubarb crumble.

This blog is for UNICEF – support the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.


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