Ur ukipping me

It shouldn’t happen in 2014, but it has – a UKIP leader winning the majority support on a debate. While the main theme was Europe, other incredibly concerning views were expressed by UKIP, including the belittling of the Syrian war, heralding Putin’s ‘operational approach’. I don’t know whether it was the way in which the BBC edited the highlights of the debate or whether there really are more Mail readers in existence than I thought but, having seen Clegg’s rhetoric in response to UKIP, I would say he did a good job confirming fears that UKIP really are out of touch with the modern world.

It is hard not to be ageist when looking at the growth in popularity of UKIP, but it is the views of people of mainly my father’s generation that surely must underpin UKIP’s recent success. My Dad is against Europe, anti-immigration and racist. He would not have liked me to ‘date’ a black man. Yes it is 2014 and not 1964.

Part of the problem is that people over 60 have the biggest political influence, they are on our parish councils, our county councils, committees, government agencies, you name it, they have a view on it (and a largely out-dated one).

But people whose heyday was in the 60s can be forgiven for wanting the clock to be turned back. What is most worrying is when ignorance and narrow-minded blind patriotism infiltrates the psyche of the next generation. All the time partys like UKIP get a voice and are allowed to give voice to other important issues off the back of their popularity on Europe, subtle shifts in social thinking gain pace in the completely wrong direction.

I am blogging for UNICEF to help protect vulnerable children regardless of where they are in the world – support the campaign here.

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