apathy feeds tragedy

There are too many occasions when tragedies serve to remind us why we need to continuously question and examine the status quo.

The news today of a 12 year old girl called Keane who died when a wall at her school collapsed, is a tragedy that reminds the authorities what is sacrificed when apathy over procedures takes place. Risk assessments, health and safety policies, all what some people call ‘a job for a jobs-worth’ are there to protect people like Keane who shouldn’t die while in the care of the School.

My colleagues have been busting a gut today updating reams of policies to meet inspection criteria and the news of Keane’s death and how she died should renew people’s determination to ensure everything is thoroughly checked and re- checked.

I have learnt the hard way too often over minor issues when I didn’t listen to the doubt that was present at the back of my mind. This must have been the case with the faulty wall and I can’t imagine the torment in the minds of the people who put the task of mending the wall in the ‘Manana’ list.

What I can imagine, although it is too bleak to examine intently, is the grief of the parents who left their daughter at the school this morning and are now staring, with unbearable loss and complete bewilderment, at their daughter’s dark and empty bedroom and the items she last touched, a hairbrush, her pillow, a haphazard bed that was re-made ready for her return.

I am blogging every day for UNICEF, a charity that protects vulnerable children world-wide. If you would like to support the charity please click here.

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