When only chocolate will do…

Approaching Mother’s Day, I am so anxious to ensure my mother receives something for the day, even though she is in Spain that I don’t give my new found role as a mother a second thought. I don’t want to put my kids under pressure to do something amazing for me on Mothers Day, after all it was me (and my husband) who decided to have them in the first place. It is a tough world and not always the most inviting environment to inspire confidence in future happiness for our kids. When things start to get tough for them, we will begin retirement and spoil the grand-kids. So I think the person who should be really under pressure to deliver on Mothers Day is my husband, because technically he made me a Mother in the first place.

But, back to my Mother, one year I forgot Mother’s Day. Well, I didn’t forget, because I gave her present to her in advance before she returned to Spain but she was obviously looking for something else too. I got a call at 11.30 at night from Spain when she said ‘what happened to my special call on mother’s day?’ At home it had been just like any other Sunday, so I had forgotten and my mother took offence. When I tried to argue my case she said, ‘Mother’s Day is more important than birthdays.’ (groan) I wasn’t going to attempt to battle with that viewpoint.

So Mothers day, like Christmas, has just become a day that creates lots of to do lists and pressure. On behalf of my husband I chose some flowers and card for my mother-in-law and for my Mum I already bought a gift and gave it to her a while ago and for the day I will send her a gooey interactive card.

I’m going to say something really naff now and say every day is good to be a mother, particularly when my daughter makes me a cup of tea and my baby boy does something in the potty.

As for my husband, I am trying not to be jealous of the new motorbike he has got, although he says I can ride it. I am going through a phase where my husband is immensely irritating and I find life more complicated when he is around. I am assuming this has something to do with the fact that it is our 10th year of marriage and partly to do with my slightly hostile hormones. Either way he is driving me nuts and no amount of tea, wine or home-baked scones is going to get me out of this mood.

He got me flowers but I really wanted chocolate….

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Thanks for reading.



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