A dose of London

I went to the big smoke and got a taste of what Evan Davis calls the most productive and creative hub in Britain and why it is a vacuum for businesses and employees. As soon as the train pulled into Waterloo, the buzz of busy people pouring in and out of trains, turnstiles, cafes and offices sweeps you away on a tide of urgency. This sense of self-importance and people on a mission rubs off and is highly infectious. Once I got to my destination, I was able to meet with many people in my line of work and pretty soon ideas, advice and knowledge sharing was ping ponging round the room. I just wouldn’t be able to have access to this knowledge sharing environment in my everyday workplace. As I was furiously scribbling down notes inspired by the people around me, I understood what Evan Davis meant in explaining the importance of the  big city hub mentality for business growth.

It was nice to leave London’s hustle and bustle too. As I left on the train I  felt time was slowing down again and I could relax after an intense business ‘hit’.

London is a bit like Cadbury’s chocolate, nice every now and again but no good for you in the long term if consumed frequently.

On my way I back bought some London landscape stickers for my son and daughter. It was good timing as my daughter had just received he first letter from her pen pal in New York and she is planning to send some of the stickers to her in the hope that they may exchange local landmark stickers. I love it that they are communicating through the traditional way of putting pen and paper and air mail.

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Thanks for reading.


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