The eye of the beholder

This morning I woke up with my eyes sealed shut, my ears throbbing and the glands in my throat aching – the virus that has lingered with my husband for what feels like weeks has finally taken hold.

Eyes are the Windows to your soul. So when they are all red and gunky its not a great advertisement for your inner emotional wellbeing. I arrive at work and within minutes of being there my colleagues are asking ‘if I am ok?’ with a sympathetic expression on their face, clearly assuming that I had bin crying my eyes out all the way to work. No, I just have this highly contagious affliction. It is lovely that they care enough to ask if I am ok but I then assumed everyone I came into contact with would assume the same thing. Therefore I felt obliged to start all interactions with, ‘yes, about the eyes I have conjunctivitis’, then I watch them physically recoil. It gave me an insight as to what it must feel like to be a social leper, but I can completely understand their reaction.

My solution was to therefore wear my specs. I normally reserve these specs for VDU use or when I want to feel a bit like a foxy secretary (or at least try anyway), I am not sure they work as far as making me appear more intelligent. I prefer to work with people’s pre-conceived ideas in a different way, by looking a bit dopey and then surprising everyone – in the style of racehorse Seabiscuit.

It got me thinking how so many of us are different to how we appear, take David Beckham for example. It can work the other way, there are some people I have come across who look like snobs, and true enough they are. They tend to look as if there is a subtle but permanent foul smell underneath their nose causing it to wrinkle ever so slightly with a slightly elevated jaw, the eyes have a stare that appears so indifferent yet highly judgemental. These people I put into the tosser category and if I had to compile a few characteristics for Room 101, these guys would be top of my list, partly because they exacerbate my inferiority complex, but mainly because of the ignorance which lies at the very root of their snobbish tendencies. This is why I am surprised to find teachers acting this way, because I like to think teachers are, on the whole, intelligent. I believe it is difficult to be both intelligent and ignorant – but maybe it is possible with a crap education system based on the ideology of Michael Wilshaw and Michael Gov.

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Thanks for reading.


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