A great way to start Monday

I am looking forward to work tomorrow, not because I relish the prospect of what lies in store at my desk but because I will be handing over the responsibility of potty training to the nursery. It is so much easier to say, ‘yes he is in pants but just needs to be put on the potty frequently to remind him when not to do it so he can ensure he pees on the floor the minute your back is turned……oh, and here are the umpteen pairs of trousers and spare pants, just in case.

Since project potty began, I have been waking up at 6 am in anticipation of his morning bowel movement and need to pass water the minute he stirs from is sleep. It is particularly important as he likes to visit his sister first thing in the morning. He woke up with a dry bed yesterday morning and this lulled me into a very false sense of security.

This morning I awoke to, “Mum, he has done a poo in my room”. As I dragged myself from slumber to realise that the sentence was in existence in the conscious world, I leapt to my feet and almost bumped into my hubby as he made his way to her room after having a very similar reaction. I told him to go back to bed for the last 5 minutes before his alarm was due to go off as it doesn’t take more than one parent to pick up a child’s poo.

When I saw a friend later and mentioned the incident she said, ‘oh but that’s not too bad, they are generally easy to pick up’….. not my son’s poo. Without going into too much detail, if it had stayed in his pants it would have made one helluva skidmark. It took 3 sprays of vanish to return the area into a colour that faintly resembled the original carpet. Unfortunately it was only a few centimetres away from where my daughter was sick a few months ago and that was a definite ‘pizza without the base job’, which had me scrubbing for days. At this rate I will have to re-locate my daughter’s bed to expose patches of fresher coloured carpet, but I might just leave that til after the penny has dropped (scuse the pun) with my little boy.

I am sorry that the subjects of recent posts have been dominated by pee, pants, poo and pot. There are far, far, far more interesting topics and important subjects in other blogs. I am hoping that, for some, this offers some light relief from the more high-brow subjects, albeit in the shape of my son’s toileting habits, or lack of.

I am blogging for Unicef – please help the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.


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