Bear talk

We are now on day three of potty training and I am already exhausted with potty reminders. I am seriously considering getting baby boy a build a bear designed for potty training with a recording of my voice saying ‘pee and poo in the potty not in your pants’. This approach would be good for several reasons:

1) Before and after every accident he would be receiving the potty reminder from the calm and friendly face of a bear, in a tone that isn’t being said through gritted teeth and from a face that isn’t trying to suppress frustration

2) I would give my voice a rest and could exercise some of my frustration each time I squeeze the bear to get it to talk

3) I could keep the bear for when he hits his teenage years and threaten to show it to his friends and girlfriend each time he has an attitude problem

4) he might listen to a bear more than he will listen to his mother…

In fact maybe I should get a bear for each stage of his development (although maybe not the birds and the bees – that’s just plain wrong).

In the meantime I will just settle for lots of Dettol, vanish carpet cleaner, an overflowing washing basket and a load of Mickey mouse and Thomas the tank engine pants. Yes the packet of half empty nappies are talking to me in the same way as a Cadbury chocolate bar to try and tempt me but I will not deviate from the path to dryness……..although if this goes on for a fortnight it really will be testing my resolve.

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Thanks for reading.

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