We have the opportunity to go out on a sail boat on sunny weekends. Its nothing special just a small boat with a main sail and a genoa, which, with a squash and a squeeze, can just about fit the four of us plus dogs in it. We are ‘learning on the job’ as it were and roughly catching the wind with the sails and not always following the intended direction of travel. This proved tricky when navigating the boat back to its mooring around several bobbing boats, but we managed it without any insurance claims.

Nothing could beat that day in terms of pure enjoyment. It was immensely satisfying to watch the boat carve her way through the water pulling the ribboat behind at a fair rate noiselessly under the power of wind. Nothing but the water slapping the bow of the boat and the sun glistening on the surface of the sea…..well thats not strictly true. The dogs fighting over a ball broke the serenity, my husband and daughter shouting at each other over which rope he wanted her to pull to release the main sheet and then strong words of encouragement to pull it quickly. Although I wasnt at the helm I was back-seat sailing, asking “shouldnt we tack now” and “you have seen that boat dead ahead havent you?” But once we had enough, it was back to the slipway on the rib to the cafe conveniently situated for children dying of hunger to fill up on bacon butties and scrumptious ice cream. For me and hubby it was tea and coffee (we are not great drinkers – I was virtually brought up in a pub so not overly keen on spending my Sunday in one).

I then wanted to press pause as we sat on the tailgate of the van silently licking our ice creams in contentment as we watched the comings and goings of the harbour.

Many of the boats we passed had interesting names, one stuck in my mind. It was aptly named Sanity.

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Thanks for reading.

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