When to say yes and when to say no

I don’t know what came over me but in the spirit of Jim Carrey’s ‘Yes Man’ film, I said yes to a n email from Virgin Atlantic recommending I join an e-survey site and warn points through completing online consumer surveys. The added appeal was a £10 off voucher from an online store. The only snag with this offer was the average price of goods on this online store was £250. Fine if you are buying electrical goods but exorbitant in my book if this is the price tag on (in this case) a scarf, a belt, a clutch bag or some ballet pumps. It should be re-named ‘I saw you coming.com’. I have done about 3 surveys, which I have rather geekily quite enjoyed. I have always enjoyed form filling. There is something about those blank little boxes just waiting to be filled…..yes sad isn’t it. I am not that keen on the passport application form though as it requires you to put each individual letter in tiny individual boxes without writing over the border of these miniscule boxes. I got bored of abiding by this rule and paid the price when I took it to the post office, when my form was put on the reject pile by the post office lady with the hairy top lip (I have noticed this seems to be a common trait among post office ladies) because ‘the ink goes over the boxes so will be rejected’. Grrrr

Changing the subject completely, I am concerned about my mothering abilities and approach. First I found myself this evening using ‘bribery and corruption’ (the term I use to artificially motivate my children) in the form of chocolate to encourage my daughter to swim more lengths of the pool in prep for the swimathon on Saturday. I then try to encourage my exhausted children to eat, the eldest does, the youngest doesn’t, before putting them into bed with, what I consider to be good bed-time reads. My baby boy is being brain-washed every night this week with the story of a boy who learns how to do his pees and pops in the potty. For my daughter I dated to borrow a Terry Pratchett book from the teen section of the library, with the previous headmaster’s voice ringing in my ears ‘encourage them to read books slightly beyond their reading ability’. My daughter is an avid reader so this is quite advanced. I had not experienced Terry Pratchett as a child and it wasn’t until I attended the funeral of my husband’s cousin’s funeral – his death at 40 from a prescription drugs overdose – and heard an excerpt from his favourite author, Terry Pratchett, that I became aware of his distinctive writing. Part of the reason why my husband’s cousin was unhappy (for I rarely recalled him smiling and he was notoriously difficult to speak to at family gatherings, having zero tolerance for small talk) was because of his intelligence. He was too intelligent. I believe it is possible to be too intelligent for life (hence why so many comedians are depressives). Too much thinking is destructive, in many cases ignorance is bliss.

I think he had a very dry wit and a good sense of humour from a very young age. When he started school his parents were brought in by the Headmistress because the school had concerns over David’s lack of speech and refusal to look at books. However at home, if he was inspired enough to speak, his vocabulary was excellent and he loved books. It appears that even at age 5, his teachers and his school were beneath him.

So with this knowledge, I am slightly concerned at introducing the complex and imaginary world of Pratchett to my daughter, but on the other ‘hand’ I think his writing adds another dimension to reading and understanding different world’s as well of the complexities of the world she is growing up in.

A film has just come on starring Hilary Swank. After eating way more than my RDA in Cadbury’s chocolate and digestive biscuits (to counteract the feeling of cold symptoms, tiredness and general feeling rubbishness) I am feeling a tad fat. But my body this week is on a break, like Christmas, before returning to the sub 1000 calorie per day grind which does actually ensure my body stays in check. Its just so bloody boring.

I am blogging for Unicef – can you support the campaign – it would be great if you could.

Thanks for reading.


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