I saw a picture of Michelle Rodríguez in the latest edition of Elle magazine. She looked tired, haggard and generally unwell. Whereas the girls she is reported hanging out with, the Delevigne sisters, didn’t have a hair out of place. Asked where her outfit came from, Michelle answered, ‘an LA Mall, I got it because it looked baggy and sexy’. It probably would have looked better had her face been brighter and full of the Rodríguez attitude that we know from her films, but if reports are true, the rich girls are leading her astray down a path of drug and alcohol abuse.

I know MR particularly in her role as Lette in the Fast and Furious. My thoughts turned to Paul Walker, another member of the F and F crew who was tragically killed in a sports car accident last year. I thought back to the first film in 2001 and how it represented the enjoyment and recklessness of youth and how that has transferred into negative reality for some of the crew.

Although I never met Paul Walker, I miss his presence in the world and the fact that his death has marked the end of all the fun of Fast &Furious. Some will be pleased that this has sounded the death knell of the franchise, but petrolheads world-wide are in mourning, for Paul was one of those rare human beings who didn’t let success ruin his grip of the real things in life: appreciating family and being a parent, helping others and enjoying the world and the adrenaline rush of living life in the fast lane without the need for narcotics.

I grew up with F & F and was living life in the fast lane when the first one came out. Now that life has slowed down considerably as life has evolved and while I do what is necessary for my age and level of responsibility and take pleasure in that role. There is still a big part of me that wants to shut the hell up and just drive or ride. It has always been my tonic, just me and the open road and a decent sized engine under the hood. In my favourite ‘Foos’ song the line ‘I’m a one way highway, I’m the road that drives away then follows you back home’ – that is my life and my journey on it. Like Vin Diesel says in F & F, ‘he takes life a quarter mile at a time, for those 10 seconds or more nothing really matters’. I’m sure I’ve repeated this in a previous blog post cause, damn, its a good line.

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Thanks for reading.


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