Yesterday I wrote my post as usual and saved it half way through to publish later. However, when I returned, every time I tried to list my posts to bring up my saved one, the page wouldn’t load. So I gave up last night and will put one pound in the Unicef pot for my missed post. I am wondering whether it has anything to do with the 162000 wordpress sites that were hacked and tampered with via a vulnerability in ping backs.

Its bloody annoying….

….but also a bit pointless. If you are a hacker why don’t you transfer the time and energy you channel into hacking into something that will actually be useful to the world (and before you mention Zuckeberg I do not class Facebook as useful it is beyond irritating and after having a dabble and discovering I was watching my life passing e by while bothering with updates and loading smiley photos).

Earlier this week I watched an interesting programme entitled ‘Mind the Gap’ presented by Evan Davis, during which he looked at the growing gap between London’s success compared to the limited growth and development of other cities. He argues that London’s success is mainly due to its perception as being a hub for business. He argues that other cities should not be spreading themselves too thin trying to emulate London and be all things to all people. Instead they should focus on ne articular area and work on sucking in more companies in that particular business area. For example Salford Quays has become a mecca for broadcasting (BBC and ITV). In Birmingham new media companies have sprung up within the walls of old factories. Competition tends to follow the competition. Cambridge has become a centre for Medical research (likewise anti-vivisectionists would do well to be closer to Cambridge as this trend continues).

This doesn’t just happen in big cities. Godalming in Surrey is the base for 3 animal welfare charities, with WWF the first company to base themselves there, others soon followed.

David highlighted that we are all like sheep and that we need to be closer to one another to be more effective and competitive – which is why London is so successful and why open plan offices are so popular.

Personally London’s success irritates me. Most of the jobs offered in my sector are based in London. It costs over 6000 pounds to commute to London and the travel subsidy known as London weighting does not make it worthwhile in my salary bracket. I think the Government should start investing more money in making public transport better across the country. In the way that planes shrunk the world, a better train service would shrink Britain’s commute times so that London isn’t the only desirable option for business people and talented professionals. Something has to be done, but the answer is not in stemming London’s growth but just enabling is success to spread across the country through a number of different ways, the most obvious being transport. Otherwise our future may look a bit like Judge Dredd.

I am blogging every day for Unicef and appealing to fellow bloggers to donate a pound to the campaign if they enjoy this blog – check out Unicef’s site here.

Thanks for reading.


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