One may lead to another

So, I start off the week trying to be good and then my Mum decides to bring around a ton of chocolate so that she and my daughter can enjoy creating a chocolate Fort. She brings round a big chocolate cake coated in chocolate frosting and topping, Cadbury chocolate cake bars, a Cadbury chocolate bar, two packets of Cadbury chocolate fingers, chocolate icing as glue and topping. I feel sick just listing it as of course this was far too much for me to resist. A choc finger here, a cake bar there, a slice of cake a bit later and I am well on my way to exceeding my recommended daily allowance. Then my friend’s Mum brings round a homemade lemon drizzle cake as a thank you for looking after her dog for the weekend, plus packets of mini eggs for the children…….aaagghh! I needed to get out of the house there was so much temptation.

So once again I find myself regretting the evenings excesses after doing so well earlier in the day. I need another one of my ex-ballerina classes now to get those calories off.

To make me feel better, I like to think I am storing up enough energy ready to complete 100 lengths of the pool a week on Saturday in aid of Sport Relief. My daughter is doing the mile, hopefully by then she will have shifted the god awful cold she has on her chest, which has led to her having 2 days off school because of the incessant coughing.

What no doubt did her the world of good, like so many children who have had to put up with a wet and cold Britain these past few months is the arrival of sunshine. It was utter bliss to be out in the garden absorbing the rays and just playing. When the sun is shining everything feels better and having the latest toy or gadget etc is meaningless. Sunshine literally soothes the soul. I just hope it will stay for a while come the summer…….or I will seriously consider migrating like a bird.

If you fancy a summer song with lashings of incentive to stay off the calories in anticipation of beach box 2014 – listen to some old school Parnell – a song thatvalso summed up the weather this afternoon..

I am blogging every day to raise money for Unicef – please donate to the campaign here.

Thanks for reading.




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